Therapeutic Support

The transition into semi or independent living can be hard for a young person, for that reason we have developed additional services to broaden our service offering to our young people at every stage of their journey. This support helps a young person adjust to changes, manage anxieties and regulate emotions more effectively.

Alternative Approach have developed a range of packages working alongside companies and therefore opening our service offering via partner service providers. This provides a holistic approach to their support packages. These services include:

Digital Safety Support

Digital Safety consists of remaining safe online. With an aim to maximise the safety of personal dat online to minimising security risks.

Drug and Alcohol Services

Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol? Worried about people around you or just want some advice? This service provides support and advise and where they can’t help they will point you in the direction of a partner company who can.

Cooking Sessions

Not all of us are proficient in cooking, sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand to show you the ropes or to give you the confidence to experiment! No need for fancy equipment these cooking sessions will give you the essentials you need to become comfortable in the kitchen.

Health and Fitness

Time to get back on track with your health? We can organise Health and fitness support wether that be getting you back in to some regular exercise. Teach you about nutrition or advise you on your weekly shop.

CV Writing and Interview skills

One of the most popular support services Alternative Approach will help you develop a CV and work on your Interview skills to provide you with the confidence to approach business people and get you back into work.

Career Services

Time to start looking for a career! Our Careers Service is available to help open your mind to the possibilities available to you and help you work out the stages you need to go through in order to get there.

Mental Health Assessments

Focusing on how well you are able to think, reason and remember this assessment is not meant to be approached tentatively, this is an assessment to help us understand how to help you better. Our friendly team will introduce you to a partner to allow them to carry out the assessment in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Wellbeing and Counselling

There are numerous facilities available to help with wellbeing or counselling. All you need to do is ask. Or if you know of someone who may be in need of support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Education and Training

Alternative approach have access to a variety of courses and connections with people who can help with Education. If you are thinking about looking into getting some qualifications or want to broaden your skills and open new doors. The team are on hand to assist.

24 hour on call support access

Alternative Approach know that things don’t always need dealing with during work hours, we have a 24 hour on call support access giving young people the peace of mind that we are there whenever they need.

Driving Lessons

Learning to drive can be a daunting task, we will support those of the legal driving age to source driving lessons and facilitate your journey onto the road.