Supported Accommodation

Here at Alternative Approach we have a dedicated team of individuals who thrive on facilitating our accommodation provision. Working alongside Peninsula we accept nothing but the best and make sure that all accommodation is acceptable and meets our standards, providing nothing but the best support at all stages of the journey.

A key aspect of Alternative Approach’s support service is to provide a wide range of accommodation across the North West. This support encompasses a range of accommodation types to suit the needs of people from all walks of life with the main goal always at the forefront of everything the team to, that being, to see each young person succeed, accepting nothing less. To enable them to do this Alternative approach go above and beyond and won’t stop until they try everything in their power to achieve this goal for everyone coming to them.

Making sure the team deliver nothing but high standards at all stages of the journey the dedicated team work alongside Peninsula to make sure all accommodation types meet at least these standards below but when possible achieving much much more.

  • All working relevant smoke detectors
  • All certification up to date for Gas within the property
  • All working and up to date carbon monoxide detectors fitted if not contained within the fire alarms.
  • All certification for the relevant electrical items within the property
  • All properties are safe and secure with the relevant locks suitable to the property
  • Buildings insurance suitable for the accommodation type
  • Insulation suitable to property type
  • All appliances will be PAT tested
  • All carpets and flooring iso good quality and fitted suitably with the relevant underlay when necessary
  • Utensils and Bedding supplied when necessary
  • All furnishings will be fire retardant