Property Management

After years of working alongside a variety of property management officials Alternative Approach have a plethora of experience supporting and working with Landlords, Agents and Housing Associations.

Alternative Approach work with property management officials such as landlords, agents and housing associations to help fill their properties and to support the young person within them to maintain the house to the high standards they expect for all available properties. Doing this reduces the stress a landlord for example may go through in order for them to maintain these standards at all times. Alternative Approach take the stress out of the process for all parties, supporting the young person and giving them the opportunity of independence but also the person who’s property it is guaranteeing rent and high level of care for their property. Support services such as this allow Alternative approach to transform a young persons life.

Do you feel that you could partner with us? Have you got a property which meets our standards of use. If you think you do we would love to hear from you. In order to proceed we will need to carry out a thorough inspection.

In return we will:

  • Guarantee rent, YES Guarantee rent always on time.
  • We will fund approved maintenance operative to perform all repairs of which are the responsibility of the tenant.
  • We provide you and the tenant with 24 hours telephone reporting service for any issues.
  • We operate a robust anti-social behaviour policy. We are happy to share with you when you get in touch.
  • Our maintenance operatives follow a strict Code of conduct
  • All staff are advanced DBS checked

Landlords and Agents

  • Offer a 5 year lease *Ts and Cs apply
  • Full property inspection every quarter
  • We can arrange all repairs on your behalf

Housing Associations

  • Guaranteed full term of tenancy
  • Full property inspection every quarter
  • Work alongside you to create bespoke pathways of independence for every individual service user.
  • Provide you with relevant case studies for you to use in marketing

Reporting Anti-social behaviour

If you would like to report any anti social behaviour please email our dedicated address at