Life Skills A – Z Workbooks

In order to provide the best support Alternative Approach can and with their aim to provide bespoke support packages it is always better to give each young person some information they can read or work on in their own time. This gives them the independence but working alongside our support during their journey.

Once a young person is a part of our family they will have access to their own bespoke workbook, this workbook allows the young person to develop on their own with the use of the documentation supporting their journey and transition with our support at every step of the way. This workbook allows the young person to grow in confidence and develop themselves to make their own independent living choices.

Within the workbook information we cover within the Therapeutic support section of our services will be included, such like:

  • Digital Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Support
  • Cooking Support
  • Financials – Budgets and Living Expenses
  • Fitness and health
  • Business Skills – CV Writing, interview skills
  • Personal Development, Mind and wellbeing
  • Daily Routines