About Us

Alternative Approach is a private supported living provider aiming to deliver high quality support packages for young people aged 16 – 18 including care leavers. We provide bespoke support packages for young people including those with challenging behaviour and / or emotional needs in supported accommodation or our group living settings.

Alternative Approach is made up of 3 directors, Liam Wharton managing director, michael Jeffs director, Jeremiah Canady the financial director. Built from passion, desire and hard work all directors aim to create a positive environment for all with one main goal, which is to see each young person succeed accepting nothing less.

Our Ethos

We firmly believe that every young person aged 16 – 18 has the right to be supported into a successful transition from childhood to adulthood, regardless of their background or circumstances. This support must be able to respond appropriately to the young person’s changing needs, yet have consistency and continuity that builds trusting relationships with young people to enable strong foundations to be established.

Our values include:

  • Working with young people and professionals to deliver quality services that meet the young people’s needs.
  • Ensuring each individual has the opportunity to make a positive contribution to his or her community.
  • Providing an inclusive service that embraces difference and promotes equality.
  • Promoting opportunity that helps improve and transform each young person’s lives.

Working With Us

Alternative Approach strive to be transparent throughout all services provided. Whilst working with local councils, charities and services throughout the UK it is imperative that they remain trustworthy, transparent and approachable throughout every stage. Working to extremely high standards, the team at Alternative Approach aim to not only to deliver but to go above and beyond, recently securing a place with placements North West. All team members have enhanced DBS Certification and qualified to X standard. As a company Alternative approach have a premium package with Peninsula ensuring that they are protected surrounding all aspects of Health and Safety and HR.

Michael Jeffs


My name is Michael Jeffs and I am one of the company directors at Alternative Approach. I am responsible for ensuring that all young people that are being supported have everything required to help them gain the confidence and independence required post 18+. I achieve this by ensuring that I have the best possible staff team available who are all equipped and trained to a high standard. The number one goal for all of us here at Alternative Approach is to see each young person succeed. We won’t accept anything less.

I have worked with young people for the last 12 years. My journey began back in 2007 when I applied for a work experience post in the united states of America. This opportunity was with a company called Camp Leaders. I was based in New Hampshire which is one of the northern states not too far from New York. My job role was to support young people from the age of 8-15 have the best possible summer available. This is where my passion for helping others was developed. After spending 8 months in America and building up a real desire to continue in this line of work I returned home to England. It wasn’t too long until I was able to continue my newfound passion for helping others and that came in the form of a residential support worker for looked after children. This was slightly different from what I was used to however equally as rewarding as many of the young people I was caring for were from disadvantaged backgrounds and many of them subject to unfortunate circumstances which were at no fault of their own. I worked my way up from a support worker to a senior member of staff to the assistant manager then to Managing multiple services. I have achieved a lot on this journey with many success stories along the way. Being able to reinstall hope, happiness, confidence and excitement for what the future will bring back into young people that never thought such feeling and ambition was possible is a game changer to myself and a euphoria that I will always strive to achieve for the rest of my professional career.

Today my Job role has changed again as I am now the owner and director of Alternative Approach, a company which offers support and accommodation to 16-18-year old’s. AA as we like to call ourselves was formed and created by three childhood friends who in some shape or form can relate to the young people that we currently help. After years of watching young person after young person fall back into a crisis once they had left the care of Residential homes post 16+, we decided that more should be done to prevent such things from happening, so we did. Alternative Approach has grown over the last two years to become one of the biggest providers of supported living and accommodation within Merseyside, with plans to continue this growth throughout the Northwest and beyond is very much underway. The future of Alternative Approach is very bright with the goals of reaching and supporting as many young people from all types of backgrounds and situations as possible initiated.

The 12 years’ worth of experience that I have gained working with young people of different ages, backgrounds and circumstances has equipped me with a skill set which allows me to consistently help others and change the lives of young people in need. This is something I am proud of and has been acknowledged in many ways via consistent promotions and multiple “OUTSTANDING” gradings by Ofsted. Through my experience and success, this now has enabled me to be in a position to give back and help others. I love what I do, will continue to better myself and help better others along the way.

Jeremiah Canady

Financial Director

I am one of the directors at Alternative Approach I am Married to Katy and have 2 beautiful Children one boy and one girl we all live on the Wirral; however, I did live in Preston for 6 years mainly due to work commitments. I have always enjoyed working with people and creating a positive environment for all, I have found that having a person-centred approach is always key focusing on the individual rather than someone else’s perspective or viewpoint. I enjoy working with others as part of a team but also have a forward-thinking mentality with good leadership skills. In both a social and working capacity I have found that people find me approachable. I have overcome many obstacles in life which have shaped me for the better, this is largely down to my strong mind and determination to succeed and progress in life.

Moving over from America age 3 my mum and dad had split up and returning to Merseyside was my mums aim to be surrounded by her family in Liverpool/Wirral. Living in Rock ferry in the early 90s was difficult, drug abuse, violence and racism were unavoidable and affected my life on a regular basis even from a young age you knew who the dealers were, who would racially abuse you or older kids trying to rob from you. Thankfully my mum had good morals and although I hung around with the local lads and would often cause trouble I always knew right from wrong and having a loving home to go back to really helped. A lot of youths don’t realise or often wouldn’t say the positive effect a loving nurturing background can bring. I could talk about the antics growing up on a rock ferry council estate all day but its safe to say we were no angels but I always knew I wanted to help the community and area I grew up in.

I have always been a loyal person and very focused and committed to my work and other relationships in my life. This focus and drive drove me to create Alternative Approach with my two lifelong friends Mike and Liam, who both share the vision, passion and drive. Having the connection and trust has been a fantastic part of what has helped us grow and develop our company to were it is today. If Love, honesty and passion is at the route then you will rarely fail. Over the years I have worked in the adult sector mostly as a support worker specialising in Autism, I have worked in other roles for different organisations as an Outreach teaching mentor and behavioural therapist and have a diploma in Adult social care.

I have worked in social care for over 10 years and always had a passion for improving the lives of others. I have always been business minded and chose to invest in property from a young age, this has helped me gain more knowledge and develop the skills needed to manage large budgets and teams of contractors to meet deadlines and ultimately get projects finished on time. At Alternative Approach we want to be a real part of the communities we work in and our ethos is very much about togetherness and creating opportunities for all.

My current role entails:

  • Ensuring Budgets are managed effectively
  • Liaise with Accountants and HMRC
  • I work closely with my service managers with all of their needs
  • I work from start to finish with all of our referrals from local authorities
  • Liaise with local authority commissioning teams and finance departments
  • Manage Payroll and staff salaries

Liam Wharton

Managing Director

I founded Alternative Approach along with my two business partners back in March 2017. Alternative Approach was built from passion, desire and hard work. The idea of which Alternative Approach Ltd was created; came from my time working in Ofsted regulated children’s homes where I worked as a Registered Manager. I identified that young people were moving on from their care setting far too soon and were moving to “supported living, accommodation” that were of poor quality and did not meet the needs of the young person. I had seen on many occasions; young people who had reached their 16th birthday, moved on against their wishes and fail in a very short space of time, falling into crisis in a time in their life where it is arguably the hardest!

Therefore, whilst working as a registered manager, I began to discuss the prospect of opening a high-quality service that could operate supported living accommodation in a range of settings including; Group-living and accommodation with support. That way the young people can have bespoke package that meets their specific needs.

My current role entails:

  • Ensuring staff recruitment is at the forefront of what we do
  • Health and safety, I work closely with our health & safety consultants and in turn, the manager of the homes to ensure the health & safety is of the highest of standards at all times
  • I work closely with my service managers with all of their needs
  • I work from start to finish with all of our referrals from local authorities
  • Liaise with local authority commissioning teams
  • Support, train and educate our managers and work closely with them on a daily basis

My profession background over the last 10 years has consisted solely of working with young people aged 8-18 in residential children’s home settings. I worked my way up from a support worker to Registered Manager, achieving some impressive inspection reports/ gradings along the way. My most recent professional qualification that I hold is that of a Level 5 leadership & management in children & young people.

I am passionate about the role that I currently hold, and I am proud of the road that has taken me to get to this stage. I believe in giving back to the community, young people and the excellent staff that Alternative Approach employs. I believe in aiming high and creating opportunities for people; young people and adults alike.

Now as an adult, it is easy to look back on my journey so far and be proud of what I have achieved. This is due to the start in adult life that I had. I left school at 16 with no formal qualifications. I didn’t enjoy my last year or so in school, I struggled to focus for long periods and become a bit of a class clown. Something that I am not proud of, however, that was very much a part of my journey. After leaving school in 2004 I gained ad-hoc employment working as a labourer to factory worker. This was the case until I broke that cycle and took myself off to Camp America where I worker as a camp counsellor and water-skiing instructor for young people aged 5-16. I absolutely loved it!!! It opened my eyes to the world. I identified that I enjoyed working with children, I was passionate about what I was doing and because of this, I travelled back to America for a further two Summers.

It was 2010 that I began employment back in the UK in what was my first role as a Residential Support Worker in a children’s home. It was eye opening. I had no idea that such homes existed on our doorstep and that young people were living in such provisions due to such variations of reasons as to why they could not live at home. I quickly got into my stride and found that the “job” came quite natural to me and did not feel like a job. I worked all hours under the sun, not for the money but because I loved what I was doing and seeing smiles on young people’s faces; was and still is the most rewarding and satisfying feeling in my profession! I have always seen my “job” as a vocation/ lifestyle and not a job.

Outside of work I am a very family orientated person. I live with my wife, son Harry and our family Dog, Bailey in Heswall, Wirral. In my free time I enjoy playing Football, Snooker, family days out, meals out with family and friends and of course my beloved Liverpool fc; whom I watch week in, week out.

I am a very ambitious person who does not settle for mediocracy. I set my sights high and share that vision with those who I choose to spend my time with. We at Alternative Approach have unique and big ambitions that we aim to put into fruition over the next twelve months. This includes the organic growth of our supported-living accommodation along with the opening of a new services. These will include; Ofsted regulated children’s home and educational services for young people.